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Zimbabwe Pensioner Support Fund raises funds to support destitute pensioners in Zimbabwe with food parcels and essential items. ZPSF is entirely funded by the public.

Cape Epic Challenge 19 - 26 March 2017

Between the 19th and 26th March we’ll be taking on the Absa Cape Epic – the world’s toughest and most esteemed mountain bike stage race. We’ll be covering 691km and 15400m of vertical ascent (nearly twice up Mount Everest) over 8 gruelling days.

The amazing part of this is that one of our team, my father Sandy (Alexander) Rae, will be the oldest participant to ever ride this race, at 70 years of age. He’s not just making up the numbers either, having finished around mid-field in last year’s event.

It is a great achievement for someone of his age to be able to take on these challenges, and in doing so we would like to raise awareness and cash contributions to his peers in Zimbabwe who face altogether different challenges – the challenge to merely survive! Many people his age, who had their life savings investing in Zimbabwean dollars, are now penniless and struggle to get by.

If anyone feels inspired by our taking on of this mammoth challenge, or humbled by the plight of many elderly Zimbaweans, and would like to make a cash donation it would be hugely appreciated and any amount goes a very long way.

The Zimbabwe Pensioner Support Fund is doing amazing work to assist these people and need all the help they can get!

We appreciate any and all help and donations received, and thank you for your kindness.

The email PayPal is -

Andrew Rae


Easter 2017
15 years of supporting our Golden Oldies

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