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It’s that time of the year again and we at the ZPSF would like to be able to make the upcoming Christmas of 2017 extra special for our pensioners.

As a Fund we rely solely on donations to do what we do. We receive no funding from any Government organization.  We once again going to take on the HUGE task of getting ALL of our Golden Oldies adopted for Christmas this year. 

Thanks to everyone's community spirit and generosity, we managed to get everyone adopted last year so let’s see what we can achieve this year.

Attached is a partial name list of pensioners receiving individual boxes. Then we also have the Frail Care parcels and Kitchen Gifts / Food Aid.

Come on guys we can do this, let’s keep the momentum going!! The current cost of adopting asingle person for Christmas will be about R800, (SAME AS THE PAST 2 YEARS).

Even if a group of friends make a joint donation to adopt a Golden Oldie or just add to the Christmas kitty for those who are not yet adopted. Your support will go a long way to help making them feel very special this Christmas.






Donations to our regular trips to Zimbabwe for food hampers and transport


Ralstein House burnt down in 2014 and this was devastating for our Golden Oldies who resided there as well as being a loss to the residences available.  We are raising funds to help rebuild the home.

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Donation Campaigns

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Another lovely parcel received from you. You really are very good to us and it is so appreciated.

June Pye


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