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2016 Overview (March 2016 – Feb 2017)

Mission Statement: This is a Non-Profitable Organisation and was formed to provide

Pensioners throughout Zimbabwe with food and basic medicine networking with

relevant bodies and institutions; and in humble gratitude to God Almighty.

The ZPSF was started in 2002 and became an official registered organisation in 2008.



The ZPSF has this year been in existence for 14 years. Over the years we have gone from supporting 1 pensioner to over 1450 pensioners who desperately need help in Zimbabwe. We are currently supporting 28 homes / organisations in Zimbabwe. We also support SOAP (Support Old Age Pensioners) in Bulawayo and Mutare as well as helping to set up similar systems to SOAP in Gweru, Zvishavane, Masvingo, Red Cliff, Kwe Kwe, Chinoyi, Chipinga, Chivhu, Karoi, Kariba, Chegutu and Kadoma to cater for pensioners that are not in old age homes and desperately need support.

History of the ZPSF – From small beginnings:

January 2002 Hannes Botha received an appeal for help from a pensioner in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. The pensioner had no funds and no food. Hannes bought enough food to fill his Ford Metor car, took a week’s leave and drove the 1000 kilometers to Bulawayo and delivered food to the pensioner. A few months later he went up to Zimbabwe and

supplied the pensioner with food. He was asked to supply a pensioner with food at the Huisvergesig Old Age Home in Gweru. This he did and when he noticed how the other pensioners in the home was staring at him and the box of food he realized that they also needed food. It took Hannes another 8 months to buy enough food to supply 36 pensioners

with a food hamper at this home. The pensioners did not know that they would be receiving food and some of them were so overwhelmed that they cried. This is when Hannes realized that there was a crisis facing the pensioners in Zimbabwe. Their pensioners were fast becoming worthless as inflation was out of control.

Hannes then started the Zimbabwe Pensioner Supporter Fund as he could no longer carry the cost on his own.  December 2003 Hannes bought a 4 ton Toyota Dyna truck as he was supplying more than 100 pensioners with food. As donations were received the ZPSF expanded it relief efforts until it was supplying more than 400 pensioners with food, clothing and basic medicine every 3 months.

July 2007 food disappeared from the shelves in the shops and a decision was made to supply the pensioners with a hamper every month. April 2008 the ZPSF was registered as a Section 21A Organisation and in July 2008 the ZPSF was donated a second hand 8 ton truck. This made it possible to supply more than 1000 pensioners with a food hamper every month. As the situation in Zimbabwe deteriorated a mobile clinic accompanied our trucks to Zimbabwe

and medicine was supplied to the pensioners. January 2009 the ZPSF purchased a new 9 ton truck which has since been upgraded to carry a 14 ton payload. 

March 2009 the ZPSF for the first time sent up 3 trucks carrying 22 tons of food that was distributed to more than 1600 pensioners. It was also in March 2009 that the ZPSF store room moved from Hannes’s house to a warehouse in Malelane.


The fund is monitored and managed by 5 Directors. All major decisions require there be a unanimous vote. General full time management and administration of the Fund remains vested in the Director Hannes Botha, but all principle decisions have been agreed upon and supported by the other four Directors.


Our current year end for 2016 has just been completed.  All expenditure has been approved by the Directors and formal tax receipts have been issued to all South African based donors for tax relief purposes. In addition, all donors receive an email of acknowledgement after every donation made .The ZPSF’s accounts have again been professionally scrutinized and reviewed and the review report states that the accounts are completely accurate and acceptable, and that there are no irregularities. We were given a 100% clean bill of financial health. This is done by 2 outside firms from Johannesburg.

Our biggest Annual expenses are as follows:

Warehouse Rental Malelane – R142205.10 P/A (Same as previous year)

Vehicle Maintenance – R89468.10 P/A

Insurance & Vehicle Licenses – R91331.76 P/A

Food Purchased – R2007636.75 P/A

Fuel – R222827.40 P/A

Bank charges - R42,090 P/A

Computer expenses - R5,392 P/A

Printing and stationery - R1,758 P/A


Permits and Paperwork -

Cross Border Permits R17114.03

Carbon Tax & Insurance R 32662.40

Bridge Toll (Coupons) R 32500.00

CVG R 3950.00

Import Permits R 6860.00

Review Fee – R8000.00 P/A

Accounting Fees – R23776.74 P/A

Professional Support

Danie Senekal CA(SA) did the Funds annual financial review for the year ending Feb 2017.

We are currently using the services of Jolene Wilmse as the registered Accountatnt / Bookkeeper.


Accounting Policies

General information

Zimbabwe Pensioners Supporter NPC is a non-profit organisation.

Summary of significant accounting policies

These annual financial statements have been prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting

Standards for Small and Medium-sized Entities issued by the International Accounting Standards Board. The principal

accounting policies applied in the preparation of these financial statements are set out below. These policies have

been consistently applied to all the years presented, unless otherwise stated.

These financial statements have been prepared under the historical cost convention and are presented in South

African Rands.

2.1 Property, plant and equipment

Items of property, plant and equipment are measured at cost less accumulated depreciation and any accumulated

impairment losses.

Costs include costs incurred initially to acquire or construct an item of property, plant and equipment and costs

incurred subsequently to add to, replace part of, or service it. If a replacement cost is recognised in the carrying

amount of an item of property, plant and equipment, the carrying amount of the replaced part is derecognised.

Depreciation is charged so as to allocate the cost of assets less their residual values over their estimated useful lives,

using the straight-line method. The following rates are used for the depreciation of property, plant and equipment:

Motor vehicles 12.50 - 20.00%

Furniture and fittings 16.67%

Office equipment 10.00 - 20.00%

IT equipment 20.00%

2.2 Impairment of non-current assets

At each balance sheet date, the carrying amounts of tangible and intangible assets and investments in associates are

reviewed to determine whether there is any indication that those assets have suffered an impairment loss. If the fair

value less costs to sell of an asset (or group of assets) is estimated to be less than its carrying amount, the carrying

amount of the asset (or group of assets) is reduced to its fair value less costs to sell. An impairment loss is recognised

immediately in profit or loss.

If an impairment loss subsequently reverses, the carrying amount of the asset (or group of assets) is increased to the

revised estimate of its fair value less costs to sell, but not in excess of the amount that would have been determined

had no impairment loss been recognised for the asset (group of assets) in prior years. A reversal of an impairment

loss is recognised immediately in profit or loss.


Funding Sources


Gross Revenue

Donations received - local            1,776,517

Donations received - foreign       2,204,389

Total                                                      3,980,906


This is achieved through various sources.

  • We have numerous regular donors who make their monthly contribution religiously.
  • We have a few Companies that continue to support us with monthly contributions.
  • There are a number of donors who do a once off donation or as they have extra funds make a contribution towards the pensioners. This comes from publicity from stories done about the Fund and so on.
  • We have over the past 5 years managed to implement PayPal and this aids considerably in receiving funding from overseas.
  • There are also a few annual donors on who we rely greatly.
  • The UK account is also a big help in receiving funds from that side of the world.
  • We now also have a USA PayPal link on the following page
  • We had an amazing December 2016 with us managing for the first time to get all the individual boxes adopted for Christmas 2016. This was a huge challenge and all we can say is Wow and a Big THANK YOU.

Thank you to all who helped and supported us throughout the past year. Your support with our Special Easter, Winter and Christmas trips was astounding. To those who supported us locally as well as far and wide we would never have been able to achieve what we have. Whether the support has reached us in Rands, Dollars, Pounds, kindness, prayers or goods it all helps us bring smiles and raises both our and our “Golden Oldies” spirits knowing just how many people out there care. All those little drops help to fill the bucket. Please there are too many of you amazing “lifesavers” to thank individually, just know that each and every one of you is a hero in our eyes. God Bless!!!

Donations in Kind

Due to constant paper work changes we can no longer receive any second hand clothing Donations. This has been in play since September 2013. The powers that be are currently refusing to issue us with a Rebate letter to import this as it is “competing” with their clothing market. A special license is now required.  With effect to our importing food we are no longer allowed to do this under a Letter of Rebate (No Cost Implications) and now have to pay Customs Import Duties, VAT and Surtax on 90% of the products we take up for our Golden Oldies.  For this reason we have had to stop most donations in kind and request that a monetary donation be made no matter how small. This was a heart sore decision but ZIMRA has left us with little choice.

Updates and Progress for 2016

We once again had a very hard year in 2016 with relation to the loss of many of our “Golden Oldies” it is one of the hardest parts of what we do, saying goodbye is never easy.

Our Bulawayo store room is still up and running. And all boxes for the Bi-Monthly trips are being sorted and packed there. It is safer and easier at this stage to do this and we have a very capable team that assists us there.

Heather has been managing the UK account all by herself for the past few years and has now got the Zimbabwe Pensioner Support Fund registered as a Charity in the UK so that donors from that side can receive Gift Aid Certificates. We have also been lucky enough to find some new Trustees and people to assist Heather in the UK. Beti-Ann Mclean is now handling all bank transactions and correspondence. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The route we took for 2016 was to purchase most of the food goods in South Africa. We discovered that a law was passed in November 2014 that no food items (Not even for a Charity) could be imported on a letter of Rebate (Customs & VAT Free) as we had been doing for the past 14 years. This has increased the amount spent on food but it is still cheaper than purchasing the food in Zimbabwe. The stock consisted mostly of the non-perishable goods. Unfortunately goods like Rice, Maize, Oats, Flour, Sugar and Pasta are having to be purchased in Zimbabwe.

Alice Short once again took on the responsibility of registering a PayPal account in the USA and kept all the paper work in order so that the USA account is a Registered 501(c) organization and as such can issue Tax-deductible receipts to donors from that side of the world. This account is for USA donors who would like to be issued with a Tax-deductible receipt. Donations made to the ZPSF via our web page can only be issued with Section 18 Certificates which are valid for use in South Africa only. The USA PayPal is linked to the following FB page

There has been a slight misconception going around that we are no longer taking the food parcels up, please note guys we are still going full steam with supporting our Golden Oldies, we are just having a more difficult and expensive way of going about it. You can be assured that they are still receiving their much needed food parcels.


Web Page

We would like to thank Dot Bekker from Leaping Ahead for all her help in getting the site up and keeping running.

2017 Year Ahead

The fund will continue to run as it has the past 14 years with every effort being put into Fund Raising and ensuring our “Golden Oldies” receive their desperately needed parcels. With all the new changes in the pipeline we are having to go full out with Fundraising and I should hopefully come up with some unique ideas in order to achieve this.

While we are looking at a few possible changes in procedures as to how our Golden Oldies receive their parcels please be assured that come what may they will receive them.

Hannes Botha

Director & Founder

Directors:     Johannes  Botha     Linda Schultz     Michael Naude     Ryan Botha    Johan Schultz

May Update 2017
ZPSF updates and South African Tax Certificate

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