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Easter 2015 Funraising

Dear Friends & Supporters of
the Zimbabwe Pensioner Support Fund,

We have been supporting pensioners in Zimbabwe for the past 12 years. Over the years the Zimbabwe
Pensioner Support Fund has gone from supporting 1 pensioner to currently
supporting just over 1550 pensioners with an apple box filled with
non-perishable food in 27 old age homes / organizations throughout
Zimbabwe. This is only about 60% or so of the pensioners that need help. We
also assist similar organizations called "S.O.A.P" (Support Old Age
Pensioners)as well as various kitchens. One of the kitchens we support is the
Verity Amm Kitchen in Bulawayo, they supply between 80-100 pensioners with 2
meals a day 4 days a week. As far as we are aware we are the largest
Non-Government organization supporting pensioners still in Zimbabwe who lost
everything when the Zimbabwe dollar ceased to exist.

As such we would like to inform
interested persons of the true situation regarding the pensioners in Zimbabwe.
Many people are under the impression that since the so-called dollarization of
their currency the situation for the pensioners has improved. Wrong! In fact,
Zimbabwean pensioners are now worse off than ever before.

Overnight in January 2010 the
reserve bank removed another 12 zeroes and people who had billions of Zimbabwe
dollars were paupers the next day. No matter whether they had Zimbabwean dollars
in the bank or at home they lost everything and were left with useless pieces
of paper. They have never been compensated for the loss and never will be. So
even though the currency changed to US dollars what they had in Zimbabwean
dollars no longer existed. Pensioners are now at the mercy of Good
Samaritans that reach out to them. That is where the Zimbabwe Pensioners
Support Fund comes in. The fund was established in 2002 to help a few needy
people in an old age home.

The first thing one needs to
understand is that almost 75% of the pensioners do not have a pension or income
and those that do receive between $13 - $40 US dollars. They did make
adequate provision for their old age and originally retired comfortably. However,
as Zimbabwe's inflation went up into the "billions" of percent, the
government kept taking off zeroes in an attempt to stabilize the economy.
I was recently speaking to a pensioner in Kadoma Ann who was crying and I asked
her what the problem was. This is what she had to say. “I get a pension
of 40 US $ a month from Old Mutual. The bank takes 2 US $ , my rent is 35 US
$ so that leaves me with 3 US $ for food”. This is a fairly common
situation that I come across. There is of cause the very small percentage of
pensioners that are well supported by their children.

With two large trucks we shift
around 18-22 tons of non-perishable food, good second hand clothes and medical
aides such as wheelchairs, crutches, walking aids, spectacles and
non-scheduled medicines every 8 weeks to our Golden Oldies. Over the past
year funds have trickled down and we are battling to make ends meet in
our continued goal to support our pensioners. We firmly believe that had it not
been for Hannes’s tenacious and “Bull Terrier” like spirit, this years
“roadblocks and curved balls” would have ended this project. Yet as he has said
many times to us, “these people are my life and nothing will stop me from
serving them with payback”.

We welcome anyone who wishes to
come and see our warehouse in Malelane and what we do.

Please find in good order a
latest listing of some of the pensioners in Zimbabwe that are receiving the
desperately needed boxes. Below I have attached a collage of just a few of the
Golden Oldies we are helping. Please we need your help to keep
supporting our Golden Oldies. Both Stock and funds are running low.
You can be the difference in their lives. Our Golden Oldies are depending on
all of us. Thank You. Don’t forget we
have a UK and SA Bank account as well as our PayPal facility on our web page We have also run out of Wheelchairs, walking Aids and
Crutches so please if you can help us with any of these items we would greatly
appreciate it.

We are an officially registered
Non-Profit Organization and Section 21A in South Africa and are registered with
SARS as a Public Benefit Organization in terms of section 18A the Income Tax
Act (Which means all donations are issued with a Tax Certificate and can be
claimed back). We rely totally on the generosity of the public to keep our
wheels turning.

Please Note for a Tax Certificate I require the following:

1. Physical

2. Contact

3. If
Business – Registered Name, Comp Number

4. Private
– Initials and correct Surname

sowat 1550 arm en verhongerde bejaardes in 27 aftreeoorde in Zimbabwe maak 'n
Suid-Afrikaner se goedhartigheid die verskil tussen lewe en dood. Dié groep
verstote bejaardes se enigste ligpunt is dat die groen-en-wit vragmotor van mnr.
Hannes Botha (61) elke tweede maand vir hulle kospakkies bring. En dis
kospakkies bestaande uit net die noodsaaklikste basiese produkte om hulle aan
die lewe te hou. Botha, van Malelane in Mpumalanga, sorg sedert 2002 feitlik
eiehandig vir dié bejaardes in Zimbabwe.

Met die 2 trokke ry hulle elke tweede maand byna 2 600 km ver om sowat twintig
ton kospakkies by 27 ouetehuise in Zimbabwe te gaan aflaai. In Zimbabwe noem
hulle hom glo 'God se lorriedrywer'. Botha, wat self in 1980 uit dié land
padgegee het, sê nederig hy doen maar net wat hy glo reg is. 'Ek glo nie mense
het enige benul van hoe swaar bejaardes daar kry nie. Van hulle is al letterlik
dood van die honger. En baie ly aan wanvoeding of is sterwend. 'Die oudste is
'n ou tannie van 102 jaar, ander is in die sewentig en ouer. 'Hulle lot is
tragies. Jare se swaarverdiende pensioene en uitbetaalde polisse kan vandag nie
eens 'n brood vir hulle koop nie, en die meeste se familie is dood of weg.
'Hulle is ook te arm of te oud om te trek. En glo my, die regering van Robert
Mugabe voel vir hulle niks nie. 'Die mense is aan die genade van ander se gawes
oorgelaat. Ek het net besluit ek moet probeer help.' Botha sê hy het aanvanklik
self kos bymekaar gemaak. Hy het dan op eie koste maandeliks na die ouetehuise
gery om kospakkies te gaan aflaai. Hy sê dit is hartroerend om te sien hoe die
mense vir sy lorrie wag. 'Hulle staan daar soos opgewonde kinders. Daarna loop
die trane as ek elkeen se pakkie met sy naam daarop uitdeel. 'Dinge soos 'n
bietjie toiletpapier, kookolie, rys, meel, vars groente, koffie, kerse en
tandepasta beteken vir hulle alles. 'Een ou oom, wat batterye vir sy flits
gekry het, het later soos 'n kleuter daaraan vasgeklou. Dit is werklik
hartseer.' Botha sê die werk het egter gou te veel vir hom geraak. Hy het
intussen nog vrywilligers bymekaar gekry en ook kerke en andere
welsynsorganisasies betrek. Uiteindelik het hy die Zimbabwe Pensioners Support
Fund, 'n artikel 21-maatskappy, wat nie op wins ingestel is nie, gestig. Hy sê
tot dusver was daar nie probleme met die Zimbabwiese regering oor sy pogings

Stuur asb. vir so veel as moontlik mense hierdie boodskap bereik dalk iemand
wat in 'n posisie is om te help.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to
contact me.

Kind Regards

Linda Botha Schultz

Director - Fund Raising
& Awareness for the Zimbabwe Pensioner Support Fund

(C) 079 6082676

(T) 013 7900934

Fax to Email - 086 267

Section 21 Co Reg.

NPO Number 096733

Section 18A PBO No

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Alone we can
do so little, together we can achieve much more!!!!

Director: Hannes Botha


ZPSF December 2014 Trip Report - A Botha

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