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One day to go till our No Coffee Challenge

Dear Friends and Supporters of the ZPSF,

Once again to everyone out there who supports us and our Golden Oldies a BIG Thank You. You are all really amazing and we would most certainly not be able to do what we do without your support.

Only 1 day to go till our 4th annual No Coffee Day by the Zimbabwe Pensioner Support Fund, this is our way to let the World know of and show their support for our Golden Oldies still in Zimbabwe, whom we have been helping to support with food aid parcels and basic medical supplies for over 16 years. Our Golden Oldies are part of an era that no longer exists, they stayed behind showing faith in a system, that not only let them down but totally ceased to exist. They have lost everything, farms, homes, life savings and in a lot of cases hope. This is where you come in, with your donations we show them that people all over the world still care about them. They may not necessarily be friends or family but there is a worldwide network of supporters who make what we do possible.

Please will you stand with us on the 26th of June 2018 and show your support for the forgotten generation of Golden Oldies in Zimbabwe. Please share this as far and wide as possible. Don't forget to nominate/challenge your friends, co-workers, Church Groups, local Newspaper and so on. It truly is for a good and valid cause. This is not just a NO COFFEE CHALLENGE. Quite a few of our supporters who don’t drink coffee use it for NO TEA OR NO WINE. Your support makes a world of difference to our Golden Oldies who literally turn to mush when the trucks arrive with their Individually named box, so that they know that box was packed for them.

Quick link to pay your fine / donate towards the No Coffee Challenge –

The Link to our event on Facebook is -

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