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Partial Name List of Golden Oldies

It’s that time of the year again and we at the ZPSF would like to be able to make the upcoming Christmas of 2018 extra special for our pensioners. As a Fund we rely solely on donations to do what we do. We receive no funding from any Government organization. I am once again going to take on the HUGE task of getting all of our Golden Oldies adopted for Christmas this year. We have managed to get everyone adopted for the last 2 years so let’s see what we can achieve this year. The partial name list of pensioners receiving individual boxes that are up for adoption can be found on our Group and Page on FB. Then we also have the Frail Care parcels and Kitchen Gifts / Food Aid. Come on guys we can do this, let’s keep the momentum going!! The current cost of adopting a single person for Christmas will be about R800 ($60). (SAME AS THE PAST 3 YEARS) Even if a group of friends make a joint donation to adopt a Golden Oldie or just add to the Christmas kitty for those who are not yet adopted. Your support will go a long way to help making them feel very special this Christmas.

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Golden Oldies Being Supported by the ZPSF
Adopt A Golden Oldie for Christmas 2018

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WHO KNOWS by Johnny Nel of Masvingo Who knows... that South Africa and other countries help Zimbabwe. Who knows... that someone had a burden to help the old and needy. Who knows... of the work that goes into packing a food box. Who knows... how hard all the staff worked. Who knows....

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