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Zimbabwe Pensioner Support Fund

Zimbabwe Pensioner Support Fund raises funds to support destitute pensioners in Zimbabwe with food parcels and essential items. ZPSF is entirely funded by the public.

Updated Name List 20.11.2018

We have 469 Boxes for our Golden Oldies Boxes Adopted so far, Yippee, still 187 to go. Then the Frail Care parcels and Kitchen Gifts. Come on guys we can do this, let’s keep the momentum going!! A huge Thank You to everyone who is / has supported us. The current val...
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Updated Name list of Golden Oldies Adopted for 2018

        Golden Oldies receiving Food Parcels - Partial list       29 October 2018               Name Home Town  Adopted A.J & 2 Sons BULAWAYO OUTSIDERS BULAWAYO YES A.J 's Mom BULAWAYO OUTSIDERS BULAWAYO YES Ackhust, Geof...
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Lets make "Magic" again this year for Christmas 2017

Our hearts swell with deepest appreciation and gratitude for your spirit of sharing always giving us hope our Golden Oldies are eternally grateful for your love and care. A HUGE THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has supported us to date. It’s that time of the year again and...
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Thank you very much for that lovely parcel I love everything in the box, but the small bible is the best. Thank you very much.

Mrs Betty Joubert - Park Cottages June 16, 2011
Park Cottages


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