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We have been supporting pensioners in Zimbabwe for the past 17 years. Over the years the Zimbabwe Pensioner Support Fund has gone from supporting 1 pensioner to currently supporting just over 1350 pensioners with an apple box filled with non-perishable food in 28 old age homes / organizations  throughout Zimbabwe. This is only a small fraction of the pensioners that currently desperately need help. We also assist similar organizations called "S.O.A.P" (Support Old Age Pensioners) as well as various kitchens throughout Zimbabwe. As far as we are aware, we are the largest Non-Government organization supporting pensioners still in Zimbabwe who lost everything when the Zimbabwe dollar ceased to exist, and are currently facing the same situation all over again 10 years later.

Donations to our regular trips to Zimbabwe for food hampers and transport

These food hampers serve 2 purposes.
1 They supply much needed food to the pensioner.
2 The pensioner then knows that someone cares about them

Your continued donations are a very important life line to them reminding them that we are continuously thinking about them and still care.

We have 5 ways to contribute from around the world.

1. The PayPal account on our webpage - Funds Come straight to S.A.
2. The South African Bank Account @ FNB -
3. The U.K. Bank account @ HSBC -
4. The U.S.A. PayPal link on their page - -
5. Rhodesian Association of Western Australia-

Thank You for your support of our Golden Oldies.

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